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COMMERCIAL ACCOUNTS:    Our present client profiles range in size, from the Fortune 500 accounts, to the one man operation.  We  presently provide our services to manufacturers, retailers, real estate owners / developers / managers, contractors, importers, and many other diversified businesses.  At Praxis International, all accounts, regardless of size, receive the same professional expertise.

PERSONAL ACCOUNTS:         At Praxis International, we approach the insurance needs of the individual in a very unique manner.   We will seek out the best insurance program for your needs regardless of the market source.   It is our belief that you should be able to purchase the correct insurance for the correct price even if we have to get it from a competitor.

FINANCIAL SERVICES:              Health Insurance, Life Insurance, Disability Insurance, are coverages that are reviewed with the express idea of providing coverage that will protect your ongoing financial stability. Your individual needs, or  that of your company's, will be carefully reviewed so we may design a program that meets the exact requirements, without being over insured.

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